Simple. Robust. Powerful.

CHOPAS is feature rich! Our HOA website provides a robust system sure to address all your needs, and a powerful tool to handle any sized community or many communities. All this and its simple for all users.

By crosslinking anything and everything that has to do with any particular item in inventory, all the information you need is available at your fingertips. If the board, an owner, a renter or maintenance personnel needs to know:

  • Did my visitor get his or her guest parking pass?
  • When was the maintenance requested?
  • What is the historical record of issues for a certain property?
  • Who is the owner?

  • Who is the owner renting to?
  • What’s the communication history with a particular person?
  • And much more!

It will all be available quickly, simply and accurately!


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With CHOPAS, You will be able to...

  • Get a FREE landing page that complies with all Florida statutes
  • Manage Board activities, so everyone knows what’s going on
  • Organize all your files and documents for easy access when you need them
  • Organize events on the Community Calendar so all homeowners, residents and guests attend the barbecue, pool party or holiday get together
  • Create To-Do checklists and assign them to the appropriate group(s), so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Make sure deadlines are met
  • Keep the community in the know about changes, events, meetings and more with News and Announcements
  • Get community alerts via email and SMS
  • Conduct community polls to get the pulse of association members
  • Stay on top of community issues and provide timely resolutions
  • Maintain an up to date owner information directory
  • Send e-mail and text alerts with reminders
  • Manage facility scheduling of common areas
  • Manage parking violation forms and ARC notices
  • Streamline guest permitting online, avoiding car bottlenecks at the gate
  • Deliver presentations
  • Receive reports of issues from your residents in a timely manner
  • Access CHOPAS from any browser on any device

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