Is your Condo Association, Home Owners Association or Property Management company winning the battle against rising costs and bad communication? Are board members up to date on the various issues facing your community? Are your various committee volunteers getting reminder emails about meetings? Are your condo owners happy with the parking situation? Is scheduled maintenance even being done? Transform how your board does business and interacts with the community.

Board Activities

Track, approve, deny, debate Board actions through the website

Your "Board Only Portal" has a lot of great functionality. Your Board members can enjoy using the Task Manager to handle specific tasks on their schedule. Live Chat can bring to the forefront issues that need to be resolved or debated instantly in a secure venue, or facilitate virtual Board meetings. Board Only Message Board can facilitate communication and debate amongst the Board in a forum where everyone can follow an issue and everyone's input from start to finish. A Board that communicates freely and easily, is a Board that gets things done! needs more work $99 a year for 10 board members to access. Less than $1 a year for each unit.

Manage Association Documents

Residents, board members, and committee members can review your community's important documents including CCRS, HOA Rules, & other docs, whenever needed.

Set folder access rights to keep unwanted eyes from viewing ultra sensitive documents. With a Board Only area as well as a place for general files, you'll always get the right information to the right person or committee in a way that's secure and convenient for everyone. Residents can quickly access needed business, real estate, and condo documents through your website. Security is never a concern, as your website has a public and private side, so only those who are granted access to certain areas and information, get access.

Organize Calendar Events

One calendar to schedule everybody and everything

Automatically check availability before scheduling an association meeting. Every resident & board member will always know about meetings when you post the agenda online in a secure CHOPAS website. Track staff schedules and manage shared facilities. Time, convenience, and information are the keys to a happy and informed neighborhood.

Schedule Task Management

Spend less time in Board/Committee meetings using Task Tracker

Managing an association is thankless work even if you have a property management company to do the heavy lifting. Many times are communities held up on projects and important decisions because someone missed a meeting or is not in the loop. CHOPAS Task Tracker allows Board/Committee members to create task lists for staff, various vendor, and volunteers. On site property managers can respond to specific tasks, add notes or ask questions. Automated emails makes keeping track of task completion doable.

News & Announcements Portal

CHOPAS is a portal that brings each owner the community news that matters the most to them.

When your association members log in they will see important group announcements, a scheduled of upcoming events, a list of personal tasks, recent comments on discussions and updated file notification. Administrators can even embed videos, links, photos and tables in announcements. Every resident can manage their own profile, update their contact information and organize the portal page to best suit their browsing style.

Create Director And Property Manager Reports

Board members and property management firms can generate reports about facilities and projects so that decisions can be based on fact not conjecture.

Director reports make sure you'll always get the right information to the right person, group, or committee in a way that's secure and convenient for everyone. Director reports can even be automatically emailed to Board members as Pdf or Excel attachments.

Track Community Issues

Instantly gauge community feelings on critical issues with surveys

Not sure if everyone is on board with the new procedure to replace gate cards? Perhaps you want to know if there is a holiday party at the clubhouse this year, will there even be enough residents still here to justify the costs? Using the "Surveys Forms" feature to create and send a survey to find out how everyone feels about any given topic or issue. Residents can only vote once, and they can answer via multiple choice or free form. It's totally up to you. Create Message boards to foster dialogue and build consensus.

Maintain Owner Information Directory

Once your resident directory is printed, if someone leaves, moves in, or changes their phone number, the directory has to be updated with possibly even more printing costs.

Online resident directories let your members share as much or as little contact information as they please...and updating records takes seconds of your valuable time. Residents can manage their own "my eyes only" folder with personal information regarding accounts for insurance, utility payments, home watch, preferred vendors and more.

Email And Text Alerts With Reminders

Send email bulletins & announcements on time sensitive matters

Emails are a quick way to alert everyone in the community about an issue without having to hold any special meetings or send out an individual email to hundreds of residents. We provide new designs and themes you can choose from every month for free, which allows us to offer an outstanding catalog of pre-designed email bulletins for your unlimited use. You can also design your own in no time at all. Using Announcements and Email bulletins in tandem means that your residents will never be in the dark about important community issues.

Facility Scheduling

Allow residents to reserve amenities 24 hours a day online

Reserve a party room or a facility such as a tennis court, a clubhouse card room, or golf course tee time. Instantly seeing what times make reserving easy. and can be a massive time saver and convenience for every community. The CHOPAS reservations feature can be tailored to list the available hours for a specific resource. This exciting feature streamlines a staff based amenity reservations process that normally could take forever to coordinate successfully. TO BE DEVELOPED

Parking Violation Forms & ARC Notices

Increase rules compliance and ARC forms management & processing

Limited access to information can cause confusion, infractions, and dissension among residents. These situations not only are troubling for the resident, but also for the Board members who have to spend hours on the phone, or time on personal visits and sometimes costly legal battles. Architectural Review Committee violations are mostly caused by procedural issues or lack of resident information. Handle ARC committee request, post rules and forms, and resolve questions before they become problems using your community portal.

Guest Permits

Easily provide property and parking access to your guests, while keeping the security guards in the loop.

Use our template forms to manage guest access and guest parking space allocation. All completed permits can be downloaded for record keeping. Create other forms to help organize activities in your community. needs more

Community Message Boards

Cut down on calls, emails, and letters with online FAQ sections using CHOPAS message board function

Residents are going to have questions, lots of questions...but you community does not have the time or resources available to place a live operator on a toll free hotline 24 hours a day. Many communities share a lot of the same issues, resources, and operating procedures; so it becomes quickly obvious that questions like 'Where can I find a copy of the CCRs" or "What is the procedure for requesting architectural changes on my property" will be asked repeatedly. The FAQ section can be as long or as short as you want it, and updating it can be done in a matter of minutes. The more you cut down on time spent answering the same questions from different people,the more time you can spend handling other important community business.

Presentation And Polling

Let the community contribute by having the members vote on it

When the entire community is affected the better informed everybody is usually means the outcome is more representational. The ARC can upload sample images of the different paint colors for the clubhouse and let the community decide by casting their votes. The Party committee can upload a slide show to share of everybody at the monthly social.

Record Expenses And Track Budgets

Input petty expenses and manage budgets by categories

With CHOPAS it is easy to track incidental expenses and operating budgets. Create a party budget and let volunteers enter the expenses and receipts to get reimbursed.

Live Chat In Your Private Board Room

Be pro-active even if you can't make the board meeting

Even though the entire board can't be in the same room everybody can be part of the conversation using our text chat function. It possible to create multiple private chat sessions for different groups and save a transcript for later usage.

Report A Problem

It usually doesn't get fixed on its own... you have to tell somebody

No matter how good your property manager is there will always be problems and issues that need to be reported. Whether its a broken parking lot light, a noisy washing machine or a leaky toilet in the pool washroom. CHOPAS gives your association members a simple way of creating a trouble ticket. Tickets are attached to our task management feature so the plumber (instead of the pool guy) is called promptly.

Free Help: There is never a charge to talk to our customer support staff. Our HELP area includes FAQs that will get you launched quickly.
No App Needed: Requires no software to download. Any owner can login from anywhere, on any browser on the device of their choice.
Simple: You can set up CHOPAS in two minutes. Add owners in seconds. CHOPAS is preloaded with sample access levels, folders and projects.
Customizable: Add your logo. Change the colors to match your Condo or Home Owner Association's web site. Integrate with your domain.
Inexpensive: CHOPAS is based on the number of units in your association.
Legacy: Built to support decades of ever changing board members.

Real Board Member Testimonial

Our Online Portal will help your Board of Directors get the job done.

Whether your association uses a property management company or if you are self directed association CHOPAS will help everybody stay on the same page. The cost benefits are profound. You will not have to invest in servers or budget for IT employees--everything runs on our equipment and is managed by our expert staff. eStudio's online HOA software solution is rapidly deployed and easy to use. We even offer FREE SETUP SUPPORT & TRAINING. Your board of directors will quickly be using CHOPAS for online file sharing, task management, scheduling calendar, chat rooms, discussion boards and everyone will benefit from improved communication and group coordination.

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