CHOPAS Community Portal Makes Managing Homeowners, Condos and Properties Easy!

Managing an HOA, condo association or a community of properties is complex. With many moving parts and people to keep happy, having the right process to juggle all your needs is crucial for success. Choosing the right software makes EVERYONE HAPPY!

CHOPAS (Condo Home Owner Property Association Software) Community Portal and HOA Websites, with over 19-years’ experience in cloud-based collaboration software, makes sure no matter what your circumstances, current and future boards will thank you! Board members will stay longer since CHOPAS removes the hassles, complications and stress of managing your condo association or homeowner’s association.

CHOPAS’ power and flexibility let you put your calendar, inventory, file sharing, owner's directory, photos, reports, forms, tasks, governing documents and more in the cloud, where it’s accessible to all relevant members anytime, anywhere – ensuring everyone’s on the same page!

By linking the owner information with property data, everything is cross-referenced, then you can connect all necessary items to the appropriate inventory (property). No more looking for a needle in the haystack when a manager, homeowner, board member or maintenance personnel needs the information. It's only a simple search away!

All this and you don’t need a special app; you can access it from any device: PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Work the Way You Work!

Whether you’re a manager, self-managed property or a management company, CHOPAS Community Portal and HOA websites can be customized to fit your specific needs and wants.

CHOPAS gives you the flexibility to choose the package that best meets the options you need and want, saving you the money and time of having to learn a bloated system, like many other community portals and HOA websites.


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68 Million Americans Live in Community Associations!

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CHOPAS: Your Community Connected

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CHOPAS also makes interacting and communicating with owners and renters easy peasy! Owners can leave requests, questions and report on issues. When you reply, they receive it quickly and consistently, ensuring you have a clear path to issue resolutions.  Plus, they only see THEIR messages, calendar, emails and alerts, and no one else’s.

Plus, each owner manages his or her own information, making accurate records the responsibility of the owner. Not sure if they are keeping it up? Send out a message to all that it’s time to check their record for accuracy and your done. All the members of your condo association or homeowners association will now be able to communicate with ease.

  • Board of Directors

  • Management

  • Vendors

  • Committee Volunteers

  • Residents

  • Property Owners

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Keep Your Bookkeeping Program

All this, and you don’t need to learn a new bookkeeping program or transfer years of records, which can be frustrating and often inaccurate. With CHOPAS Community Portal and HOA Websites, you keep your existing bookkeeping program. No need to change and learn a new system.

Security, Confidentiality and Convenience

Plus, your HOA website and community portal is totally secure with the latest SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. You control all access levels to maintain confidentiality and security where needed!

87% Rate Their Overall Community Association Experience As Positive!

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CHOPAS is Priced Right for Every Budget: Affordable and Flexible!

CHOPAS makes it simple. Choose one of our pre-customized bundled packages with all the features necessary to meet the unique needs for each management style. Click on the packages below for more information on each.

As your homeowners’ association or condo association grows, you can increase the amount of users and storage your community portal needs, for a very small annual fee.

  • Next 100 Users:  $50 Per Year
  • Next 500 Users:  $200 Per Year
  • Next 1,000 Users:  $300 Per Year
  • 1 GB of Common Storage:  $4 Per Month Each Additional Gigabyte

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